The inverter ACS550 18,5 kw/38A/400 V without panel - ACS550-01-038A-4+J400

  • ACS550-01-038A-4+J400
  • Manufacturer: ABB
  • Manufacturer's code: ABB
  • Availability: None None

The inverter up to 18,5 kw / the supply: 3x 380...480 V with RFI filter, line choke, interface RS485 (MODBUS), housing IP21 /

Dane techniczne

Protection: IP21
Inverter accessory: phase filter (input impedace coil or LCL filter), EMC/RFI filter cat.C2 (gr.1, Cl.A)
Power range: 18.5 kW
Motor steering: scalar U/f, vector
Electric power supply: 3x380..480V
Communication interface: RS485